Mobil Penetrating Spray

Mobil Penetrating Oil Spray is a penetrating, fast acting lubricant containing solid graphite.
Mobil Penetrating Spray is made from corrosion and moisture resisting, lubricating agents. Mobil Penetrating Spray contains graphite; it penetrates, lubricates, repels moisture, protects against rust and prevents seizing. Mobil Penetrating Spray is an aerosol that can be used in any position.
Mobil Penetrating Spray is particularly recommended for loosening rusted mechanisms (screws, bolts...). Mobil Penetrating Spray lubricates surfaces quickly and penetrates the most seized or rusted metal parts for easy disassembly. Mobil Penetrating Spray has many uses, for example, eliminating unpleasant noise, lubricating chains, temporary rust protection etc.

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